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Mr. Ashok Mehta - CMD

Mr. Ashok Mehta brings over 25 years of industry experience to his founding position at Metcon India. A Commerce and Law graduate, Mr Mehta embarked upon his career in the year 1983 under the able guidance of his uncle Shri S B Mehta with small civil woks at the prestigious Western Yamuna Canal- a hydel power project at Bhudkalaan, Haryana. Soon after that, he worked on a number of multifarious projects including power stations, bridges, roads and multi-storied buildings.

In 1998, Mr Mehta founded Metcon India on sheer hard work, dedication and self-motivation. Today, his knowledge of the construction business - right from attending to operational nitty-gritty like tendering to quality control at sites and personnel management to business development and visionary leadership is an inspiration for young and old team members alike.

A man of dynamic ideas and passionate enthusiasm, Mr Mehta has continuously added new dimensions to the company's core competencies. These include ventures in land acquisition and property development in Mumbai, New Delhi, Nagpur, Lonavala, Haryana, Dahanu and Boisar. In the long-term, he envisions Metcon as an Infrastructure and Real estate giant in India and across different regions of the world.

An ace badminton champ, Mr Mehta is an excellent leader and an equally good team player who constantly adds to the momentum of the company with his enterprising thoughts and actions.

Mrs. Rakshita Mehta, Managing Director

An MSc graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh, and having over 10 years of industry experience, Mrs Mehta brings a whole new vision to managing the operations at the Metcon India Group. While addressing her core portfolio of administration, purchase, finance and business development, Mrs Mehta lays special emphasis on continuous upgradation and management of technology and knowhow for the organization. Her forte is finance and Mrs. Mehta has diligently reinforced her skills in the area of financial management by continuous learning through myriad training programs and workshops like Entrepreneurial Training at NMIMS, special training in Finance & Construction Business management at NICMAR to name a few. An active social worker, Mrs Mehta also contributes to staff welfare campaign with medical sponsorships for deserving candidates within the company. Over the years, she has actively shaped and contributed to the importance of CSR within the organization by helping mobilize and support campaigns supporting education of the girl child and adoption of rural villages back home in Haryana State.

Mr. Shaurya Mehta, Director

A Double Masters - an MBA in Finance & Strategy and a Masters' in Strategy & Marketing from the prestigious Warwick Business School, UK, Shaurya Mehta is currently serving as Director - Finance, Strategy & Operations for Metcon Group. He also heads Metcon Finance Ltd., Metcon's financial services arm, with a dream of transforming the startup to India's most valuable and customer-driven financial services company. Shaurya also brings in fresh thinking for new ventures and opportunities for business development & expansion.

Having worked with Deloitte India, Porsche Cars and Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd., Shaurya Mehta adds a unique edge to the company's business and future vision. With this exposure to multinational companies and a highly professional, values-driven and holistic bent of mind, he is set to shape the future of the Metcon Group and its diversifying business operations.

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

People are the pillars of success at Metcon India. For an organization which believes that people are the biggest assets, strong team spirit and interpersonal relations are at the root of all our progressive achievements.

Mr. J.K. Chadha - Executive Director

Mr. Chaddha is Metcon's man-on-the-site. A seasoned veteran, he oversees all the sites and coordinates in effective site management, thanks to his excellent interpersonal and liaisoning skills. A go-getter, Mr Chaddha can build-operate-manage a given project and also bring a world of dexterity to key aspects like tendering, project planning and interfunctional operations.

Mr. Mahesh Chawla - Executive Director

Mr. Chawla is currently the Project Head at the McNally Bharat site, Bela, Nagpur. A stickler for hardwork and versatility, Mr Chawla is known for his enduring patience even under adverse situations. With over 15 years' industry experience behind him, Mr Chawla is a role model for his team who look upon him for his industrious nature, rock solid commitment and excellent man-management skills under all conditions.

Mr. Rajat Mehta - Executive Director

A powerhouse of information and business insight, thanks to over 20 years business presence with over 15 years intensive experience in construction field, Mr Rajat Mehta is a repository of specialized knowledge and category experience in power projects. An honest, hardworking and dedicated professional, Mr Mehta has contributed enormously in the area of financial planning and execution for power projects.

Mr. Aseem Thakkar - Tax & Corporate Advisor

Mr. Aseem Thakkar, a leading Chartered Accountant of India, with unparalleled proficiency for Tax and Finance and more than 25 years of work experience, has been advising the Metcon Group on all finance and tax planning matters.

Mr. Puneet Rastogi - General Manager (Projects)

With a rich experience in infrastructure projects that include Railways, Bridges, Irrigation and Power, Mr. Rastogi is helping Metcon in marching ahead with his expertise, professionalism and dedication. He has served in the public and private sectors in the past and is providing strategic inputs to operate smoothly in both these scenarios.

Mr. Chiranjeev Rishi - Sr. Resident Engineer

Resident Engineer (Civil) Mr Rishi brings 25 years' track record in infrastructure industry. A technically sound person, he exhibits amazing prowess and indepth knowledge of tendering, billing and other crucial operations.

Mr. Shiv Kumar Singh - Sr. Engineer

Senior Engineer Shiv Kumar Singh has enjoyed 25 years association with the organization. A hardworking, target-driven team player, Mr Shiv is a true leader who can mobilise the task force well, developing good interpersonal rapport between people to build solid work teams that perform and deliver results.

Mr. Pratik Kumar Singh - DGM (Administration)

The amiable and ever helpful Mr Pratik Kumar Singh is the man in charge of the Head Office operations. A man who has grown with the company for over 14 years of his career, Mr Singh brings utmost dedication, accountability and commitment to his duties.

Mr Dinesh Patel - DGM (Accounts)

Within a few years, Mr. Dinesh Patel, with his in-depth knowledge of accounts and taxes and an eye for detail, has helped in improving transparency and stepping up efforts for higher accounting efficiency and financial control of the organization.